Getting Started with Communities

Communities let you discover and share recipes with others. Create Public Communities that help everyone on Samsung Food discover new recipes or invite-only Private Communities to share recipes with family or friends.

Private vs. Public Communities

Public Communities are great for sharing recipes on a food topic, dietary need, or as a public figure for example Everyday Healthy or Diabetes-Friendly Meals.

Private Communities are invite-only, allowing you to share recipes with family or friends all in one place. Invite family to share holiday recipes, share and discover go-to recipes with friends, let the whole household collaborate on upcoming meals and much more.

If you want a personal way to organize your Recipe Box, try out Collections.

Setting up a Community

Tap the orange icon on the Communities homepage. Select “Private” or “Public” in the privacy settings.

Then decide who you want everyone to be able to post (choose between Admins you designate or anyone in the Community).

Add a photo and a description that tells Samsung Food users or friends and family more about the Community you’re inviting them to join.

Adding Recipes to a Community

Select recipes from your Recipe Box to share with your new Community. If you’re allowing others to post, they will also be able to add recipes from their Recipe Box once they join.

Adding People to a Community

Invite the group! Tap the “Invite” button to share your Community.

If you’ve created a Private Community, we suggest sending the Community link to family and friends with a note telling them more about the Community you’ve created.

Tap the Community members count to see and manage your Community members.