What is Whisk?

Whisk is a food app that makes it easy for users to save recipes from anywhere, meal plan, shop, and cook.

Whisk is available on the web, Android and iOS, and has been called “a life changer” by some of our users ☺ (check our 4.8 star rating and reviews on the app store for more).

Food creators like @cookingwithbello and @myhealthydish are using Whisk to share all of their written recipes in one place, and then link to Whisk from their Instagram and TikTok accounts to help their followers to save, plan, shop, and cook every recipe they post.

What is the Whisk Creator Fund?

With our Whisk Creator Fund, we reward top food creators for sharing their recipes and growing their audience on Whisk. Creators earn money for views and reviews of their recipes on Whisk.

Who can join the Whisk Creator Fund?

We are looking to partner with top food creators who regularly post recipes, and who already have at least 200,000 authentic followers across their social media channels.

Our Creator Fund is currently invite-only, and applications are subject to approval. We would love to hear from you if you are meeting the requirements and are interested in joining!

I have my own food blog. Can I join the Creator Fund?

Yes! Whisk is a great tool for your readers to save your recipes, meal plan, shop and cook – this will increase engagement with your recipes, build a more loyal audience and keep your readers coming back for more – since recipes on Whisk will always link back to their source. We even have a simple to integrate “Save Recipe” button which you can add to your recipe blog.

One key difference for bloggers in our Creator Fund: by default, we don’t show instructions for recipes on Whisk that are imported from blogs/websites. Once you join our Creator Fund – as only complete recipe views qualify for payment ($0.15 per view) – we will show instructions for your recipes on Whisk as long as you’re an active participant in the Creator Fund.

How do I get started using Whisk?
  1. Create a free Whisk account and personalize your profile.
  2. Start adding your recipes to Whisk, and publish them to your Whisk profile.
  3. Link from your social media profiles (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube…) to your recipes on Whisk, or use the Whisk Jump on TikTok, to make it easy for your fans to save, plan, shop, and cook every recipe you share.
How much can I earn and how can I increase my earnings from the Creator Fund?

Our Creator Fund currently pays out $0.15 per recipe view on Whisk by signed-in users, and $0.50 for each recipe review (Made Its, as we call them). See our Financial Proposal for details.

We guarantee a minimum monthly payment of $250 to each creator in our Creator Fund and actively using Whisk. However – the more active you are (adding your recipes to Whisk, and linking to them from your Instagram, TikTok or YouTube posts and videos), the more you will earn.

To give you an idea of expected earnings, on average creators with ~1 million followers earn between $1,000 and $1,500 per month from our Creator Fund. However, we also have creators with a smaller following that make significantly more than that. We are happy to share our best practices and tips and tricks to help you get the most out of using Whisk!

How do invoicing and payment work?

Every month you will receive a report of your earnings for the prior month – based on the number of views and Made Its that your recipes received during that time. You then submit an invoice to Whisk (via email) for the total amount, and receive payment within 30 days.

We will share step by step instructions once you have joined the Creator Fund.

Can I leave the Creator Fund at any time?

Yes, you are free to terminate your participation in the Creator Fund at any time. Similarly, we also reserve our right to terminate your participation. We might do this if you stop using Whisk or only use it very infrequently, or if you do not comply with our Whisk Policies and Guidelines.

How can I get in touch?

If you’re interested in joining our Creator Fund or have further questions, please reach out through our Creator contact form. We are excited to hear from you!