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Scale recipes up or down with our recipe converter. Simply paste a link to your recipe or add your own recipe manually to instantly resize your recipe—no calculations required.

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Make a meal for 1, 2, or 20

Make a meal for 1, 2, or 20

Easily adjust your recipe’s ingredients up or down—whether you’re looking to feed a crowd, want leftovers for lunch the next day, or only need enough to serve one or two.

Cook only what you need

Prevent waste by knowing exactly how much of an ingredient you need to buy. Scale recipes to get the right serving size and ensure you never buy more ingredients than you need.

Cook only what you need
Adjust recipes to fit your family’s needs

Adjust recipes to fit your family’s needs

Whether you have dietary restrictions or picky eaters, make preparing multiple meals just a little bit easier. Simply modify your recipe servings to meet your family’s differing needs.

Recipe Converter FAQ

How do you calculate servings for a recipe?

To calculate the serving size of a recipe, ingredient quantities are divided by the number of servings. For instance, if a recipe with a serving size of 2 requires 1 onion, we divide 1 onion by 2. Then, we know that 1 serving requires 0.5 onions.

How do you convert serving sizes?

To convert serving sizes, we incrementally adjust the individual serving size of each ingredient up or down. For example, if you adjust a recipe with 2 servings that needs 1 onion up to 4 servings, we’ll divide the ingredient amount by 2 (1 onion / 2 servings = 0.5 onions) and then multiply that by 4. The end result is 2 onions (0.5 onions x 4 servings).

Can all recipes be scaled up or down?

Yes, unless we are unable to recognize the recipe. If a recipe is not using standard recipe formatting, we may not be able to automatically populate the recipe content and ingredients. If Samsung Food is unable to recognize your recipe, you can copy and paste the details into the Recipe Builder and save it manually.

Can you just double a recipe?

To double a recipe, simply double the amount of servings by multiplying the serving size by 2. For instance, if your recipe serves 4, multiply that number by 2 to get 8. Then, use the “+” icon to adjust the serving size from 4 to 8. 

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