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Today 1310 kcal
Daily nutrition
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Vanilla quark
Vanilla quark
Asparagus & Cheese Stuffed Chicken {Low-carb/ Keto Friendly!}
Spelt, cooked
Asparagus & Cheese Stuffed Chicken {Low-carb/ Keto Friendly!},
Spelt, cooked
Sunday 1664 kcal
Daily nutrition
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Monday 1961 kcal
Daily nutrition
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How it works

Plan meals on the go

Plan meals on the go

Learn from the best. Get inspired from a vibrant community of home cooks and professionals.  

Instant shopping lists. Turn your meal plans into a shopping list in seconds. 

Drag and drop recipes. Easily move your saved recipes from one day to another.

Plan a little, save a lot

Plan a little, save a lot

Save time. Meal planning takes minutes (not hours) with Samsung Food+.  

Save money. Plan ahead and avoid buying more than you need. 

Waste less food. Always have the ideal amount of ingredients at home.  

Build healthier habits

Build healthier habits

Healthy lifestyle communities. Join lively communities led by fitness experts and dieticians.

Holistic nutritional information. Get a Health Score and nutritional breakdown of 180,000 recipes, plus 2.3 million ingredients. 

Gain important insights. View your weekly progress to see what’s working and what’s not.

Get full nutrition insight with Samsung Food+
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on better meal planning

I’ve been trying to automate my weekly meal planning... I went as far as trying to build my own app. Then I stumbled upon Samsung Food which has every feature I needed and then some!


on better meal planning

This is the best recipe and meal planning app–period. I can say this from experience, as I recently tried 8 of the top meal planning apps recommended online, in r/loseit, and other subreddits.


on better meal planning

Finally, allergy-free meal planning. Being able to create my own recipes and see my week planned out with photos of foods I can actually eat is incredibly useful.


on better meal planning

I love how easy it is to use... this is the most consistent I've been with meal planning.


on better meal planning

I've been looking for an app like this for years! Makes meal planning way easier.


on better meal planning

This app is the best meal planning app I have ever used.


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Samsung Targets Personalized Nutrition with AI Meal Planning App
The app doesn’t dish dietary advice yet, but it’ll integrate with Samsung Health to help users track weight loss later this year — and in 2024, it’ll add Vision AI technology to estimate calorie counts from meal photos.
Samsung launches a meal planning and recipe discovery platform called Samsung Food
Users can save recipes, and while doing that, add ingredients to the shopping list. The platform offers integrations with e-commerce platforms in some regions so you can easily shop for these items.  
Samsung’s AI meal planner will suggest recipes just for you
Samsung Food uses AI technology to go beyond existing capabilities and deliver a food platform that adapts to the needs and lifestyles of its users.
Talk about a recipe app that does it all!
Whisk lets you save recipes from anywhere on the web via a direct link. You can also search for recipes saved by other users. Whisk is free, and there aren’t ads in the app itself. Thanks to its Communities feature, you can join one of the many pre-existing communities or create your own. Since communities can be private, you can essentially set up a collaborative recipe book and meal plans with your family and friends.
Meal Planner FAQ
How does your meal planning service work?

Our meal planning service makes meal planning fun and easy. You can add recipes from Samsung Food, the web or create them from scratch. And you’ll get a breakdown of their full nutritional value and daily macros. You can also instantly turn your recipes into shopping lists.

When are new recipes and meal plans added?

All the time. Our community continuously adds new recipes and meal plans.

Can I add my dietary restrictions or food allergies to my account?

Yes. You can add your dietary restrictions or food allergies to the Samsung Food app. To learn how, read this article.

What type of diets or dietary preferences do you accommodate?

We currently accommodate the following diets or dietary preferences: 

  • Lacto Vegetarian
  • Ovo Vegetarian
  • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian
  • Pescatarian
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Low Carb
  • Mediterranean
  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free

You can also flag any avoidances and dislikes in Settings. To learn more about personalizing your profile, read this article.

Can I customize my meal plans?

Yes. You can easily customize your weekly meal plans. For example, you can add notes, change start dates, schedule recurring meals, and much more. To learn more about what you can do, read this article.

Are the recipes and meal plans provided nutritionally balanced?

The logic behind our health goal-based meal recommendations was developed using established methodologies set forth by reputable nutrition professionals and organizations.

Some examples include: 

  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • The 2020-2025 American Dietary Guidelines
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Master of Science qualified Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian (RND)

To learn more about how we generate healthy meal recommendations, read this article

Do you provide grocery lists with the meal plans?

Yes. To add items to your grocery list from your meal plan: 

  1. Open the Samsung Food app.
  2. Tap Planner.
  3. Tap Add plan to shopping list. 
  4. Tap Add items to automatically add them to your shopping list.

Tap Lists to review your shopping list.

What pricing options are available for your meal planning service?

Unlike many other apps, our meal planning service is free for all Samsung Food users.

With basic plan you: 

  • Create weekly & daily meal plans 
  • Add community recipes to meal plan
  • Add any recipe from the web to the meal plan
  • Add custom notes to the meal plan
  • Leave you notes on recipes 
  • Collaborate on meal plans and shopping lists with family and friends
  • Turn meal planners into shopping lists            
  • …and so much more!

Samsung Food+ users also get:

  • ads-free experience
  • meal plans, tailored for you by AI

Is there a free trial available before subscribing?

There is no trial period with Samsung Food+, but you’ll get a $4.00 discount on the first four months of your subscription. To learn more about our subscription model, read this article.

Can I collaborate with friends and family on the meal plan?

Yes. You can share everything from recipe to your meal planner with friends, family, and the Samsung Food community. To learn more about sharing and collaborating on Samsung Food, read this article.

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We use a generic average daily calorie goal for this plan. To personalize it to your health data and goals, try Samsung Food+.

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