😍 Who we look for

  • Experts: We look for the top 5% of talent in the world. We offer inspiring projects to work on, smart teammates, flexible working conditions, and fair pay.
  • Cultural fit: People who fit with our culture and values (more on these below). You must be someone who will thrive in a distributed team (it’s not for everyone!).

🌎 We’re a globally distributed team

Our team lives across the world in different locations, but we all work together remotely. Living in a place that makes us happy is important to us. Here’s what that actually means:

  • The Samsung Food team is located across the globe from GMT-8 to GMT+9. We have team members based in the UK, US, Russia, Israel, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Korea, and other countries.
  • As a team member, you’re able to work from anywhere you’d like in the world. If you’re in a timezone more than +/- 6 hours GMT, you may need to shift your hours into the evening or early morning.
  • We hold an in-person company retreat every 9-12 months.
Whisk retreat in Korea, September 2022

🔥 How we work as a team

As a distributed team, we value processes that help us communicate:

  • For communicating as a team, we use Slack as an internal chat tool and Zoom for video calls.  
  • We use Notion and Google apps (docs, sheets, slides, etc.) for keeping things organized and collaborating.
  • Throughout the year, we host meetings to align our company goals and our work together as a team.
  • Every two weeks we hold a Strategy Update and Demo where we share what’s going well, what’s not, and what new features we’ve been working on.
  • We also host optional bi-weekly meetings for the team to share non-work related updates—whether we’re sharing about a recent trip, introducing new family members and pets, or talking about what books we’re reading or movies we’ve watched.

In 2024, Samsung Food was certified as a Most Loved Workplace® after rigorous research and analysis conducted by the Best Practice Institute (BPI). This certification highlights Samsung Food’s commitment to fostering a workplace culture centered on the well-being and satisfaction of its employees. The analysis covered ten areas: diversity, inclusion, belonging, career advancement, support for veterans, volunteering, and well-being.

Whisk local meetup on Cyprus, December 2021

🌟 Our values

These values serve to create a shared understanding of how our team collaborates and builds products together. This philosophical approach is co-created by the team.

We take ownership

  • We are curious. We’re not afraid to explore, question, and try new things.
  • We are owners. We honor our commitments. We demand excellence of ourselves.
  • We start with yes. We find solutions, not problems.
  • We value our craft. We take pride in what we do and enjoy the process.

We delight users

  • We’re in it for them. We make a positive difference to our users’ lives.
  • We’re data-driven. We make decisions based on evidence, not guesswork/not emotions.
  • We love what we build. We take pride in what we are building and aim to always deliver high quality outputs.

We are distributed together

  • We collaborate well asynchronously. We strive to connect our global team.
  • We support and celebrate each other. We make time to laugh, to celebrate the wins and the learnings.
  • We trust the team. We believe a unified team is stronger than any individual.
  • We debate, we decide, we deliver. We encourage respectful debate so we can align on the way forward.

We are fast & impactful

  • We value speed over perfection. We acknowledge and accept the risk of moving fast.
  • We ship to learn. We ship what matters most to our customers and to evaluate our assumptions.
  • We innovate and think big. We encourage innovative ideas, set ambitious goals and value impacts.

Communicate Openly & Effectively

  • We provide feedback. We share candid and kind feedback to help each other grow.
  • We are transparent. We commit to open and honest communication.
  • We are flexible. We are adaptable and open to change  we embrace change and we value adaptability.
Yes, we have cookies 🙂

We are candid and kind

  • We are direct and honest in our feedback, but follow the 4A model (Aim to Assist, Actionable, Appreciate, Accept or discard)
  • We are timely with our feedback – we don’t wait. But we do take the time to be thoughtful in how we deliver it.