Intuitive Grocery List App

Make shopping more enjoyable with simplified grocery lists.

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Create instant shopping lists

Stay organized & save time with digital shopping lists.

Generate lists. Convert any recipe or meal plan into a shopping list with one click.
Add ingredients. Easily add one-off items to your list throughout the week.
Scale recipes. Adjust serving sizes up or down right from your list.

Saves 90% of your time getting the shopping list together.

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Collaborate with other shoppers

Get the whole family involved and share the shopping responsibility from list building to checkout.


Invite family or friends to help build your shopping list.

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Allow family members to help check off items as you shop.



Everyone can add, edit, or remove items from the list.

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Save more, waste less

Grocery lists that keep you on budget, reduce food waste, and save you time.

Stay on budget. Avoid impulse purchases by knowing exactly which items you need to buy.
Reduce waste. Automatically combine ingredients and remove items you already have in your pantry.
Save time. Streamline grocery runs with a simple and organized list of ingredients.

The comprehensive shopping list allows us to shop more efficiently and the fact that you can add the items you only need from a recipe really helps you to not waste food!

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Grocery shop your way

Make grocery shopping more convenient in store or online.

Get to checkout faster. Sort lists by aisle or by recipe to make grocery shopping more efficient.
Order groceries online. Add your list to your shopping cart and checkout online with your preferred grocer.
Digital or printed. Choose whether to keep your list digital or print it out for the store.

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