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Meet the all-in-one app for recipe saving, meal planning, grocery shopping, and recipe sharing.

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Save all your recipes in one place

Save recipes from any website to a digital recipe box, making it easy to create, organize, and share your cooking inspiration.

Discover new dishes you’ll love

Recipe communities on Samsung Food help you share and discover the recipes that fit your eating preferences, restrictions, needs, and more.

Make meal plans you’ll actually want to follow

Drag and drop your personal recipe collection into a weekly meal plan. Whether you’re looking to save time, waste less, or eat better, Samsung Food meal planner makes it easy to achieve your goals.

Cut grocery shopping time in half

Instantly turn any recipe or meal plan into a smart shopping list with one click. Take your list to the store, check out online, or share it with your shopping partner.

Meet your health goals

Unlock detailed nutrition info and calorie counts for any recipe you save to Samsung Food—even recipes you build yourself. See how much easier it is to eat healthily when you know what’s in your food.

Home cooks around the world love Samsung Food

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on achieving health goals

[Samsung Food] adds the health score, which I find very helpful, and seems to accommodate a wide variety of the latest scientific knowledge on nutrition.


on organizing recipes

Answered all of my cooking prayers… no other app could even come close.


on organizing recipes

An incredibly intuitive app that does all the work

Kindness Reviewer

on organizing recipes

If you want to build on your own recipe collection and access all your recipes from ONE place… look no further.


on organizing recipes

Love how easy it is to save recipes from any site, organize and customize.


on organizing recipes

My recipes were immediately more organized and easily accessible.


on organizing recipes

I really love the ability to click “share to samsung food” instead of printing recipes to pdfs like I had in the past… Honestly, you have no idea how good this app is until you try it.


on better meal planning

I’ve been trying to automate my weekly meal planning… I went as far as trying to build my own app. Then I stumbled upon Samsung Food which has every feature I needed and then some!


on better meal planning

This is the best recipe and meal planning app–period. I can say this from experience, as I recently tried 8 of the top meal planning apps recommended online, in r/loseit, and other subreddits.


on better meal planning

Finally, allergy-free meal planning. Being able to create my own recipes and see my week planned out with photos of foods I can actually eat is incredibly useful.


on better meal planning

Everything i was looking for to ease up the frustration of meal planning. It literally cut the work in half for me.

The Mad God

on better meal planning

I love how easy it is to use… this is the most consistent I’ve been with meal planning.


on better meal planning

I’ve been looking for an app like this for years! Makes meal planning way easier.


on better meal planning

This app is the best meal planning app I have ever used.


on better meal planning

This app is making meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking experience so much better. It is saving me hours and serious $$$.


on saving time shopping

Actually changed my life. Never has it been so easy to make a shopping list.


on saving time shopping

Saves 90% of your time getting the shopping list together.


on discovering recipes

I have had many first time achievements like cooking a pie and baking a vanilla sponge cake. Makes cooking so much more exciting.


on discovering recipes

Really a good app… Having new recipes right there to explore is really awesome.


on discovering recipes

It’s easy to find new recipes to try and has a variety of different options based on your diet restrictions or disliked foods.


on achieving health goals

I can add my own random recipes and get the nutritional calculations and health score.


on achieving health goals

I have expanded my food horizons and lost 14lbs at the same time.


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