TikTok can be a mixed bag for food. There are undoubtedly some absolute bangers like the TikTok feta pasta which had everyone buying up feta like there was no tomorrow. But then there are also those questionable ones like the orange juice and coffee trend. We’ll stick to the dalgona coffee, thanks.

But what we do know is that every year, TikTok delivers us some delicious ways to enjoy foods we already eat. And most of the time, they’re really simple and easy to make. What’s not to love?

Here are some of the TikTok food trends we couldn’t get enough of in 2022 – some of them are so good we’re STILL rediscovering them from last year. And who can blame us?

Corn Ribs

Corn has had a serious revival in 2022. Sure, it was definitely in part thanks to this viral video of the world’s most ardent (and cutest) corn lover.

But we like to think it was also thanks to the corn ribs videos which took over TikTok food trends. They’re just so much prettier than regular corn. Best part? You can flavor them however you want – lime and sriracha is a winner, but so is smoked paprika butter. And let’s not forget about garlic and chili.

Baked Oatmeal

We’re a fan of anything which encourages people to eat healthy meals anytime of the day. Breakfast is notoriously easy to skip, but filling up with the right foods can help sustain your energy levels throughout the day and stop you from overeating later on when the midday hunger hits you full force.

Plus, breakfast which tastes like dessert? Sign us up RIGHT NOW!

Pasta chips

Just when you thought there was nothing else they could turn into chips (we’re looking at you, kale) the internet throws a curve ball. It makes sense: pasta is already crunchy and it’s a good, plain canvas for all sorts of flavors and dips.

Coupled with the fact that we’re in the midst of an air fryer revolution, this is a snack we can get behind. They’re quick, tasty, and when done properly are healthier than potato chips. If it’s crunch you always crave, give them a try.

Green Goddess Salad

We’re amazed by how many of this year’s viral TikTok food trends have been so…well…healthy. And this is no exception. The Green Goddess salad actually started just as a beautiful green dressing made of spinach, basil, cashews, and lemon and packed with nutrients. It’s really just a healthier twist on the classic basil pesto.

The salad itself totally customisable. You blend everything up into a delicious salad dressing and then pile it over your favourite salad – but of course, the aesthetics are better if there are plenty of green ingredients in there. And because basil and tomatoes are besties, we highly recommend throwing in a handful of cherry or plum tomatoes too.

Salmon rice bowl

Using up leftovers for new meals is a clever way to stretch your budget without having to eat the same batch-cooked mince six days in a row. Poke and sushi bowls have been popular for a while now, but you don’t have to fork out a fortune for them at a restaurant. Make your own version at home with leftover rice and fish or shrimp, some avo, kewpie mayo, soy sauce, and any other toppings you love. Personally, we recommend pickled ginger, cucumber, nori sheets, and shredded carrots, onion, or radish. A sprinkling of sesame seeds to finish is just *chef’s kiss.*

Butter boards

What can we say? Not every trend can be healthy. Cheese and charcuterie boards have always been a thing, and butter boards have now pushed their way into the entertaining space too. What we love about them (other than that they photograph soooo well) is that they can be sweet or savory. While lemon and herb butter, horseradish butter, or chilli butter all go great with crackers and bread, sweet butters like berry, chocolate, and more can easily be paired with fruits and even delicious loaf cakes like lemon drizzle or banana.

And if butter isn’t your thing, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you using cream cheese or labneh instead.

Pickled Garlic

Garlic lovers, rejoice! Now you don’t have to stick to just heaping garlic into every recipe by the tablespoon. Pickled garlic, which is already a popular condiment in some countries, has now become mainstream. The TikTok trending version uses sriracha, chilli, and herbs added to ready-pickled jarred garlic for a tasty snack – but you can pickle your own too, if you prefer.

It’s packed full of health benefits too, so it’s a win if you’re all about loads of taste without loads of calories. But maybe don’t eat it before you stand under the mistletoe these holidays.

More TikTok Food Trends To Choose From

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