This year the holidays look a little different, but Whisk can help keep food traditions alive and loved ones close. Whether you’re celebrating with family virtually, looking for recipe inspiration, or searching for safe ways to spread holiday cheer, Whisk has you covered. We’ve partnered with recipe experts like @auntiebstay, @whatzoeeeats, @shreyaskitchen2, and @mariannaspantry to share their favorite recipes, provide tips and tricks for celebrating safely this year, and we’re launching new features to ensure that your holidays are still merry and delicious!

Get inspired with holiday recipes from the best recipe creators

  • @auntiebstay, run by TikTok celebrity and everyone’s favorite Auntie, Angela Peyton, is using Whisk to share semi-homemade holiday recipes like Aunties Caramel Apple Pie that even her youngest followers can make from what they have on hand.
  • @whatzoeeeats, presided over by her highness Zoe Gregorace, The Oatmeal Queen, is digging up old family recipe cards and uploading them to Whisk, since she finds herself a little distant from family this year. She’s sharing her mom’s Mandel Bread recipe, so it can become a favorite at Whisk users’ holiday tables, as well as some of her other holiday favorites in her Community on Whisk.
  • Talented recipe creator and TikToker, Shreya of @shreyaskitchen2, will be sharing some of her most-loved recipes that are both simple and satisfying. She’ll also be sharing some of her holiday favorites like these Candy Cane Brownies to help Whisk users bring more cheer to their holiday table this season.
  • Marianna Moore of @mariannaspantry is using Whisk to share her favorite plant-based meals along with healthy sweet treats and desserts, including these Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies for a healthier holiday table. Her recipes prove that food can be healthy and delicious, even during the holidays.

Find all these recipes in our Recipe Creator Holiday Community.

Cook together as a family – even if you’re miles apart

Whisk is launching Private Communities, just in time for the holidays. With Private Communities, family members can add the holiday recipes that bring your family together all in one central location, even if your family and friends can’t be. Setting up a Private Community in Whisk and inviting your holiday group is simple, and adding recipes is easy too. Since we know family recipes come in all different forms, we’ve made it easy to import online recipes, scan printed recipes, or build and edit recipes yourself.

Share holiday treats safely

Looking to spread holiday cheer to friends, family, and neighbors near and far? Try our Community of homemade food gift ideas. From Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread cookies to homemade Pumpkin Spice Granola to Maple Roasted Almond Butter, there’s no better gift to give this holiday season—especially when people may be feeling isolated—than something that’s freshly baked or cooked in your own kitchen.

Get cooking with coworkers

This is the year most of us had our work come into our homes in one way or another, so why not treat your WFH team to some of your favorite recipes, too? With Whisk’s new Slack integration, sharing your favorite Holiday Community or your best holiday recipes with your coworkers is as simple as /whisk!