When you think of Halloween food recipes, you might find yourself picturing nothing other than a trick or treat tub of your favorite chocolates and candy. And we can’t blame you!

But there’s so much more to it than that. Whether you want cute or creepy, Halloween food recipes have to be good. Really good. Scary good, even. Especially if you’re planning a get-together. Instead of going for the usual boring spread, get creative this Halloween.

Daring dishes, spooky sides, creepy cocktails, and frightfully good finger foods can all be part of the fun.

If you’re planning a get-together, take a look at some of our top Halloween food ideas and recipes. There are some amazing desserts and sweet treats, but plenty of healthier options too. And the kids (or kids at heart) will love taking the leftovers and tucking in at work or school the next day too.

Feeling PUMP-kin-ED up for Halloween?

Pumpkin is a Halloween staple, no doubt about it. But there’s no need to limit yourself to jack o lanterns. Make use of all that extra pumpkin with one of these savory or sweet dishes where pumpkin is the real star of the show.

The Main Event

Round out your meal with some more filling options for adults and kids alike.

Vegetables? Not So Scary

We know, we know – vegetables are a kids worst nightmare. But seeing as Halloween is the perfect time for trying adventurous new foods, maybe you’ll be able to convince them to take a bite with one of these Halloween food recipes featuring veggies.

And if it fails, you’ll know to just fill the next haunted house with broccoli and carrots…

We All Scream For Ice Cream

After all, it wouldn’t be Halloween food without recipes for sweet treats and chocolates. Channel the supernatural sweet side of things with these morsels which will have everyone licking their lips and wishing their trick or treat spoils were just as tasty.

Beautiful Boo-zy Halloween Cocktails

If its an adults-only kinda party, you might want to share in the holiday spirit with…you know…some actual spirits. Try out one of these fancy cocktail recipes and we can guarantee the entertainment will come from the booze – not the boos from your local friendly ghost.

Want More Halloween Food and Recipe Inspo?

If you’re still missing that one perfect recipe for your Halloween food, the Whisk communities have got your back. Head over to the Halloween Recipes community where nearly 20 000 members are sharing their top tips and devilishly delicious recipes.

With everything from Halloween feetloaf recipes to poison candy apples, something there is bound to make sure 31 October is a night to remember.