Spring has sprung (in some parts of the world, anyway!) and that means heavy meals are falling out of favor. Instead, light dinner ideas are taking over. The kinds of meals you can enjoy with a crisp glass of wine or with a light spring breeze rippling through your home. Or which fills the void after a long, lazy lunch where you’re peckish but not ready to demolish an entire meal. Bliss!

So what should you be eating? We have suggestions for everything, from refreshing salads to hands-free meals which don’t require you sweating over the stove. All we can say is that every meal on here totally deserves a spot on your list of light dinners. Save them to Whisk and add them to your meal planner!

Light Dinner Ideas for Spring and Summer – Our Favorite Recipes

When the weather heats up, slaving away over hot stoves and trying to stomach heavy dishes like lamb shanks is out of the question. Comfort takes a different form in spring and summer! Instead, try one of these light dinner ideas which will leave you feeling satisfied and full without feeling heavy or weighed down.

Light Salads for Dinner

When you think of light dinner ideas, salads is probably top of the list. We’re here to tell you that doesn’t mean some sad, soggy lettuce and a boring tomato. Instead, you can have a salad which is fresh and filling, packed with different textures, and with a vibrant dressing which keeps you coming back for more. Committing to one salad dinner a week during the hotter months can help you to think outside the box, up your veggie intake (which is key for vitamins and minerals), and give you much-needed variety.

Try one of these

Quick Light Dinners

Don’t want to spend hours cooking? Us neither! Even the most enthusiastic foodies need time to do other things, especially on busy days and nights. Luckily, these recipes are all quick to prepare and cook and will have you sitting down to dinner quicker than you know it.

Healthy Light Dinners

If you’re looking to lose weight, want to improve how you feel, or just overindulged a bit more than you’d like already then you might be looking for light dinner ideas which are healthy, low in overall calories, and packed full of the good stuff: vitamins, minerals, and fiber. A few nights of these sorts of meals can often leave you feeling healthier, happier, and more energetic if you’ve been a bit sluggish or generally ‘meh.’

Plan ahead and say goodbye to meal time madness


In that case, one of these meals might be just the ticket.