Cut food waste when shopping and throw away less ingredients at home with these zero waste focused features. 

This Earth Month, Samsung Food is proud to highlight our suite of features designed to combat the global challenge of food waste. Anyone with a smartphone can use them to transition to a zero waste home – while making it personalized and fun at the same time. 

With over 58 million tons of food wasted annually in the EU (Eurostat, 2023) and 66 million tons in the US (EPA, 2019), the need for actionable solutions has never been greater. 

“70% of people are trying to cut down food waste – it’s bad for the planet and costs the average person around $3000” says Nick Holzherr, co-founder of Samsung Food. “We think we can make a difference by helping people use up food before it goes bad – and our latest vision AI features make that easier than before.”

Samsung Food tackles food waste directly at consumer level. The truth is that many ingredients are thrown away because many people don’t know what to do with them. 

We simplify meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparation through features like meal recommendations, automated shopping lists, and balanced meal plans, helping people to prevent overbuying and food spoilage

We recently launched a new feature that enables users to take a photo of ingredients they already have. From that, our app uses AI to generate instant recipe ideas from their photos. It also takes their dietary preferences into account. It’s especially popular in helping consumers use up their ingredients and reduce food waste.

Our users can also quickly find substitute ingredients if they don’t quite have what they need at home. 

These zero waste features are available now for free. For more information, visit