Let Whisk Take Meal Planning Off Your Plate

A new week is starting, and you’re feeling ready. Your work schedule is set, your workouts are planned, your social activities are lined up, now all that’s left is…what’s for dinner…and breakfast…and lunch? And multiply that by 7! 😱

You’re not alone in the meal plan struggle! The vast majority of Whisk users are right there with you. In fact, it’s our #1 most requested feature:

To all of you that asked us for Meal Planning, we heard you! Now on Whisk iOS & Android apps and on the web, you can use Whisk Meal Planner to help you organize your meals for the week. Unlike other Meal Planning tools that come with annoying limits or costs, Whisk Meal Planner is entirely free and allows you to use recipes from anywhere—including recipes you created yourself on Whisk!

Meal Planner makes groceries easier, too

Looking to simplify your weekly grocery shopping, too? We’ve got you covered! In Whisk Meal Planner, you can send your entire meal plan to your shopping list with just one tap and sort your shopping list by recipe. So, no more struggling to combine multiple lists or wondering why in the heck you need two different types of lemons. Plus, if you’d like to get even more of your time back, you can order ingredients for the week to be delivered using our online integration with grocery retailers in your area.

With Whisk Meal Planner, you can:

👩🏾‍💻 Be as organized as you want to be

Plan your recipes for a specific day, or keep it flexible by setting them as ‘unscheduled’ for that week. With Whisk Meal Planner, you decide how much structure is right for you!

🗓 Store food memories and plans in one place

Whisk Meal Planner lets you easily review past meals and plan months into the future. Now you’ll always be able to revisit that zucchini pasta recipe your family loved!

🎯 Keep track of your food goals

Trying to keep tabs on what you’re eating or want to make a new eating habit stick? Use our meal planner, combined with our recipe nutritional information, to make sticking to your goals fun!

🥡 Never have leftovers…unless you want them

With Meal Planner, you can specify the number of servings that’s right for you. If you’re feeding a crowd or love having leftovers, it’s easy to increase serving sizes for recipes in your Meal Plan. If you’re cooking for less people, trying to reduce food waste, or sticking to a budget, it’s just as easy to scale a recipe down.

🤹🏼‍♂️ Take the stress out of big events

Holiday or family event coming up? Piece of cake! Now that you’ve got a place to manage, save, share, and shop all the recipes you plan on making that week, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying yourself.

Share your Meal Planner feedback

Meal Planner is just getting started. We’d love your feedback on how our new meal planning feature could become an even bigger time-saving, stress-busting, confidence-building solution for you! Send us your thoughts and comments on Meal Planner and we’ll read every word.

So try creating your first Meal Plan with Whisk today. After all, when you have a plan, everything feels (and tastes) even better!