2020 has emphasized our very human need for interpersonal connection. While this year has revolutionized how we stay connected, in terms of new technology tools, it’s no surprise that food has been a fundamental unifier that can cross language barriers and keep us connected to family, friends and our global community. The rapid growth of Whisk this year has affirmed that people are even more interested in food and the joy that it brings than ever – whether it’s finding inspiration, getting organized, staying healthy or smarter meal planning. And now, with our latest update, you can connect with even more people across even more languages than ever before.

Whisk is thrilled to announce our globalization initiative, accelerating the expansion of our network by releasing support for 7 new languages over the coming months. The first language is Korean, which is now live, and will be followed with Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Hindi. As Whisk expands its language support, home cooks around the world will be able to experience the highly-rated Whisk iOS and Android consumer apps, web experience at app.samsungfood.com, and the web browser extension. Whisk’s AI-powered platform and food genome database, which powers the Whisk experience for consumers, brands, and grocers, will also support these new languages – making Whisk for Business offerings more accessible to global businesses.

Organize, Plan and Shop with Whisk 

With a Whisk account, you can create your own recipes, save recipes from any website or app (like your favorite food bloggers, recipe publisher, or social media account), and create shopping lists – all in your local language. Once you’ve saved your recipes with Whisk, you can automatically adjust serving sizes and see detailed nutritional information for each recipe and create a meal plan for yourself or your family and instantly generate a shopping list of ingredients for any recipe or meal plan.

Recipe Communities that Inspire

As language support is released, it will include purpose-built Communities for users to share and discover new recipes based on their preferences and interests. Users can start their own public or private Community. We’ve seen Communities created to support health goals, to share special holiday recipes or just to stay connected with friends and family.

Integrating Global Retailers 

Localization is just the beginning of Whisk’s plans to scale the Whisk ecosystem internationally. Whisk is also expanding its retailer integrations worldwide. By leveraging Whisk’s powerful AI Food Genome, Whisk provides the most accurate product and ingredient matching database in the world. As a result, customers will have frictionless online shopping experiences – with Whisk ensuring that the right ingredients and products will be in their online carts and on their shopping lists. 

Connecting Brands & Retailers with Global Consumers

As Whisk expands, it offers new opportunities for brands and retailers to connect with customers all over the world on all Whisk surfaces (Web, Browser, iOS, Android, Samsung kitchen appliances). Whisk makes it easy to create Communities that can be marketed to customers or used to increase discovery of branded recipes within the Whisk applications. 

We’re thrilled to connect more authentically with our international customers, and this is just the next chapter for Whisk as we build an ecosystem that connects consumers with brands and retailers. We will continue to expand our language support, make advances to the Whisk Food Genome, extend our publisher and grocer network, and build communities for consumers that inspire and connect people all around the world.