Whisk is here to take the stress out of this year’s Thanksgiving. While we can’t do the actual cooking for you, we can help with everything else, including the planning, prepping, and shopping. For inspiration, we’ve gathered some of our US-based team members’ favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Now they can become your favorite dishes, too! Don’t forget that with Whisk you can turn any Thanksgiving recipe into a shopping list to buy online or in-store!

Paula Deen’s Darn Good, Deep Fried Turkey

Photo Credit: Food Network

The love for deep fried turkey stems from two specific things… First of all it shrinks your time to cook. Deep frying takes 3 minutes per pound as opposed to cooking in the oven which takes 20 minutes per pound. Secondly, the flavor is incredible. Cooking a turkey to perfection without drying it out is always a challenge when oven-roasting. Deep frying, on the other hand, allows for tastier, juicier meat with crispy, flavorful skin so you can skip smothering your dry meat in gravy.

– Justin, Customer Success

Ina Garten’s Sweet Potato Casserole

Call it sacrilege, but I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes with marshmallows. These still have a nicely sweet vibe but a little more nuanced flavor profile. Plus, Ina never steers you astray.

– Aly, Marketing

Bon Appetit’s Cornbread Sausage Stuffing…Turned Muffins!

Photo Credit: Bon Appetit

I adore cornbread, so I’m also super excited to eat tons of cornbread stuffing during Thanksgiving. I especially love the crispy edge pieces of the stuffing, so I bake it in a buttered muffin tin to make cornbread stuffin’ muffins (inspired by Rachel Ray)! It’s also fun and easy for people to grab in large group dinner.

– Liz, Research + Insights

One Ingredient Chef’s Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Food is fuel! Thanksgiving is a time when our family comes together and enjoys a nutritious feast. In the past, we had a lot of heavy dishes, but over the past few years we have been proactive about maintaining healthy habits through eating very nutritious foods. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber as well as containing many vitamins (B & C) and minerals including iron, and calcium. Lentils are high in protein and a great source of iron. Although I am not fully vegan, my family and I really enjoy creating health-forward dishes together that are still delicious!

– Brian, Go-to-Market

Jacques Pepin’s Gougeres

The best part about these is that they freeze beautifully so I can make them a week or two ahead of time, pop them in the freezer, and then stick them in my toaster oven as people are trickling in. The cheesy, fluffy bites are ridiculously popular and great not only for Thanksgiving, but any time you want a special nibble to share.

– Dana, Product Management

Bon Appetit’s Green Bean Casserole “Without the Canned Stuff”

Photo Credit: Bon Appetit

Green bean casserole is a traditional Thanksgiving staple, but mushy green beans and canned sauce just doesn’t cut it. My family loves the fresh spin on tradition in this recipe. The use of fresh ingredients and homemade sauce makes this dish delicious, and you have the option of making your own fried onions or using store bought to save yourself some time.

– Danny, Product Enablement

Bon Appetit’s Creamed Swiss Chard with Lemony Breadcrumbs

Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

Every Thanksgiving, I find myself craving greens to break up the starch load that is the one-two punch of sweet potatoes and stuffing. This creamed swiss chard is essentially a glorified version of creamed spinach, which is one of my favorite childhood foods, and a total crowd pleaser.

– Rachel, Marketing

Minimalist Baker’s Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie

Over the last few years, dietary restrictions have (sadly) forced myself and some other family members to skip our beloved traditional pumpkin pies. Because pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite holiday dessert, I couldn’t bear to go without it, so the last few years I took it upon myself to perfect one that is free of dairy, eggs, and gluten. The result? Pumpkin goodness that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or texture.

– Savannah, Marketing

Fine Cooking’s Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie

I don’t bake a whole lot these days, but I’m always willing to throw on an apron for this pecan pie which has become a family favorite.

– Larisa, Customer Success

We hope our team’s tried and true Thanksgiving recipes put you in the holiday spirit and provide some inspiration for this year’s big meal! All of these recipes can be added to your Whisk account so you can recreate them yourself this Thanksgiving. To make the Thanksgiving planning easier, Whisk allows you to turn any recipe into a collaborative shopping list and and lets you scale serving sizes up and down depending on how many mouths you plan to feed. Phew – it’s that easy! Thanksgiving dinner is served!

Happy Turkey Day prepping!