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Update: The TikTok Jump program has been discontinued from December 1st, 2022. Unfortunately, this means that the Whisk Jump on TikTok is no longer be available. However, all recipes continue to be available on and our mobile apps.

For creators and brands, we recommend linking from your TikTok profile link to your recipes on Whisk instead – to find out more, please see this article.

Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with TikTok that helps you cook the delicious dishes you discover while browsing videos. Now, when you see a small, green Whisk logo while watching a TikTok, just tap the link to view and save the full recipe to Whisk in an easy-to-cook format. We’re excited that, for the very first time, it’s almost as simple to enjoy TikTok with your taste buds as it is with your eyes and ears!

The most popular recipes on TikTok aren’t perfectly staged or fussy—they’re dreamed up to be enjoyed by everyone. Search for hits like #bakedfetapasta and #cloudbread, and you’ll see billions of views, and countless new TikToks that recreate, react to, or riff on the original recipe. That’s why linking TikToks to full recipe details has been a highly-requested feature—it makes it easy for TikTok viewers to get cooking and join in. As of last week, Whisk recipe links (known as Jumps) can be added by a larger set of food creators and TikTok will continue to expand access so that more and more users can link videos to recipe details.

With a Whisk recipe that’s just a tap away, we’re already seeing how it’s easier to cook and enjoy the recipes people discover on TikTok. During a limited beta period, recipes like Pâte à Choux, Classic Cheesecake, and McDonald’s-inspired Chicken Nuggets and Cajun Sauce were extremely popular with TikTok and Whisk users. Plus, Whisk enabled viewers to access recipes that weren’t available anywhere else online for the very first time, including recipes that TikTok creators built on the Whisk platform.

Sean Kim, Head of Product, TikTok US, says the partnership has made a huge difference for TikTok creators and viewers alike, “We’re excited that Whisk is making it easier than ever for people to experiment with the recipes they find on TikTok and invent new recipes of their own.”

Any recipe on Whisk—including those linked to TikTok videos—can be converted into a shopping list for in store shopping or grocery delivery, added to a meal plan, shared with family and friends, and much more with just a few taps. With TikTok recipes saved to Whisk, home chefs have everything they need to get started in their quest to recreate inventive recipes in their own kitchens.

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How to use Whisk on TikTokHow to use Whisk on TikTok

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