Who better to show us how to woo your boo on Valentine’s Day than one of our favorite Whisk creator couples: Inbar and Lukas from Tasting TJ’s.

And they don’t just sit home and get a pizza either. This year, why not take a leaf out of their book and rustle up something memorable?

“Our Valentine’s Day tradition is to go to the grocery store, buy nice ingredients and a bottle of wine, and make recipes that we haven’t tried before! Everyone knows that the secret ingredient to the best meals is love – which must be why the dinners we cook together on this day always end up being the tastiest. Cheesy, we know, but all jokes aside – one of our favorite things about cooking a new recipe on this day is that whenever we eat it again in the future, we associate it with Valentine’s Day. For example, our first Valentine’s Day is associated with cheesy Brussels sprouts! And this year it’ll be associated with lamb and soufflé.”

Ok, CUUUTE. How can you not love that?

What are they eating for Valentine’s Day 2023?

As for their menu this year, Inbar and Lukas have decided to make pistachio crusted lamb chops with a balsamic fig glaze – and trust us, it is delicious. “We like playing around with sweet and savory and thought this was a perfect dance between the flavors” they say.

“For dessert, we’re going for a chocolate raspberry soufflé. It was our first time making one, and it was a really fun process to whip eggs into a meringue, combine it with melted chocolate and watch it turn into a cake. We also didn’t realize it was gluten free by nature, so for anyone watching their carbs, souffle is a great dessert. And we always like adding some greens to the menu for a refreshing and healthy way to fill up. And some roasted carrots to go with the lamb!”

So, let’s get down to business. Here’s what you’re really after. The recipes.

TastingTJ’s Valentines Day Menu

Click each of the titles or images to go to the recipe. The most important part of this is to have fun! The food is delicious, but even if you char your chops a little too much or your souffle collapses, it’s the company and the experience that counts.


Soufflé: https://whi.sk/Hg5uV