Knowing how to convert cups to grams is important. A cups to grams conversion is a helpful tool for converting measurements based on the requirements of your recipe. It can be useful if you don’t have a cup measuring set or you just want to make sure your ingredients are totally accurate.

For instance, in the US a cup corresponds to 240ml. On the other hand, in countries like Canada, it’s approximately 250ml. To maintain consistent proportions, you need to make sure to use the same cup for all your ingredients.

Convert Cups to Grams Easily

Make effortless adjustments to recipe serving size and switch between metric and imperial measurements with the help of our recipe converter. It allows you to scale recipes up or down and change the unit of measurement seamlessly and easily. It’s a lifesaver when you need to cook for 16 instead of 6!

Ingredient1 cup¾ cup⅔ cup½ cup⅓ cup¼ cup2 tbsp
White sugar 200g150g130g100g65g50g25g
Brown sugar180g135g120g90g60g45g23g
Powdered sugar100g75g70g50g35g25g13g
Corn starch120g90g80g60g40g30g15g
Table salt300g230g200g150g100g75g40g
Cocoa powder120g90g80g60g40g30g15g
Chocolate chips160g120g107g80g54g40g20g
Almond flour96g72g64g48g32g24g12g
Whole almonds130g97g86g64g43g32g16g
Raw oats80g60g53g40g26g20g10g
Raisins 200g150g130g100g65g50g22g
Rice (uncooked)190g140g125g95g65g48g24g

By referring to this cups to grams conversion table for butter, flour, sugar and more, you can confidently measure your ingredients. Or you can go the other way and start with grams and change into cups!

Either way, using the table will help you get consistent results when preparing any dish. So, whether you’re experimenting with a new recipe or adjusting serving sizes, this handy guide will make your kitchen life easier.

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