Discover Your New Favorite Recipes with Whisk Communities

At Whisk, our mission is to turn your food inspiration into action by making it easy to save recipes, build shopping lists, and ultimately cook great meals. When we released a mobile app last December, we aimed to simplify the food journey with a faster way to save recipes and shop for ingredients. Since we launched our app, Whisk users saved over a hundred thousand recipes and shopped for hundreds of thousands of recipe ingredients. 

Now we’re focused on simplifying the earliest step in the cooking process: how you discover recipes in the first place. With millions of recipes on the internet, finding what’s right for you can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Everyone has their own needs, goals, and tastes when it comes to food. This means we often spend more time weeding out recipes that aren’t right for us and less time choosing between great recipe options.

We envisioned a smarter way to get straight to the recipes you want. What if Whisk connected you with recipes curated by groups of people who shared your food preferences?

Today, we’re excited to add a new way for you to find and share recipes you’ll love: Communities. Now on Whisk iOS and Android apps and on the web, you’ll find a new home tab for exploring Communities. 

Communities are groups where you can discover and share recipes based on shared food interests, goals, and tastes. You can explore communities based on your diet 🥦(Vegan Friendly or Gluten-Free Baking), your schedule ⏰ (30 Minute Meals or Weeknight Stand-bys), your beloved appliances 🍲(we hear you, Instant Pot fans!), and more. Today, there are more than 25 communities centered on a wide variety of topics, but we would love for you to create your own! 

With Communities you can:  

  • Discover and join Communities through the new Home tab
  • Create your own Communities and share them with others
  • Contribute recipes from your recipe box to Communities you’ve joined
  • Save recipes from any Community to your recipe box or add the recipe ingredients straight to your shopping list
  • Invite others to join a Community

…And this is just the beginning. Communities is in Beta with just a few features, and we look forward to collaborating with you, the Whisk community, to add more ways to connect and inspire each other. 

So come join your Community on Whisk to discover new recipes that are perfect for you, and share a few of your favorites. After all, your weeknight go-to recipe could be an inspiration for somebody else.