Detailed Ingredient Guides Are Here!

We’re excited to bring detailed ingredient guides to Whisk users. With our latest update, you’ll be able to easily view more about ingredients within your recipes or via searching for a specific ingredient.

Whether you want to find out more detailed nutritional information for something you eat often, weren’t sure why or how to use an ingredient you stumbled upon in a recipe, or want to figure out whether avocado really is a fruit or not, ingredient pages can help.

And if you’re wondering whether you reeaally need the avocado, our list of substitutes could be the answer. Each ingredient page also features potential ingredients you could swap in or out. Don’t eat broccoli? No worries – why not use cauliflower instead?

Easily find substitues for ingredients

And finally, because we always want to help you discover recipes you love, ingredient pages will help you find recipes using foods you already love. Each ingredient page also features directory of recipes which use this ingredient. So if you selected ‘lime’ then you’d be able to see recipes which use lime, like ceviche, pad thai, or honey and lime chicken.

Think of it like a Whiskipedia of ingredients!

Check out all recipes that you can cook with any ingredient

How to find ingredient guides

Finding your way to a detailed ingredient page is easy. Remember, you can only see these pages if you are using Whisk in a browser. Unfortunately, app users will have to wait a tiny bit longer! Simply click an ingredient on your recipe, and you’ll be taken to the ingredient page.

Get detailed information on any recipe ingredient just by clicking on it

Alternatively, you can also search for the ingredient in the search bar and click directly on the ingredient page. If you can’t find an ingredient page for something, it probably doesn’t exist yet. The page that is, not the ingredient…! But you won’t have to wait too long. As our directory expands, so will the list of ingredients which have their own dedicated pages.

P.S. If you have a cool tip to add to an ingredient, you can click on the ‘add a tip’ box and let people know about your fact or cooking hack. Perhaps your tip will help other foodies take their cooking up a level.

💡 Whisk Tip

Found a recipe you love while you were checking out ingredient pages? Save it to your recipe box to make later!

Instantly save any recipe you find on ingredient pages so you won't have to search for it later!