For this week’s recipe of the week, we decided on something a little different: the national dish of Barbados. While neighboring Caribbean nations like Jamaica are known for their cuisine, Barbados hasn’t received anywhere near as much attention. At least not outside of the beaches – which are amazing, we admit!

So What is the National Dish of Barbados?

It makes sense that an island surrounded by such rich oceans would have fish in their national dish. And Barbados hasn’t disappointed on that front. Their national dish is flying fish and cou cou. It’s a saucy, stew-like fish dish served on top of cou cou.

Cou cou probably isn’t something you’re familiar with, but it has a texture similar to polenta, grits, or pap – depending where you’re from. It’s made from corn meal and okra, which gives it a thick consistency. It’s also often seasoned with things like lime juice, spices, and even coconut milk.

Flying fish are named because of their large fins, which look like wings. Despite the name, they can’t fly in the way birds can. But they do jump out of the ocean and glide along the surface. When it comes to cooking though, flying fish taste a little like sardines. The white fish is firm and flakey, and tastes good whether you bake, fry, grill, or even steam it. And of course, the fresher the better! But if you’re chowing down on the National Dish of Barbados when you’re there, you won’t have to worry about whether their flying fish and cou cou is fresh or not. It definitely will be!

The Best Recipe to make Flying Fish and Cou Cou

Alright, you now know what Barbados’ national dish is. Want to try it? Of course you do! Here’s a recipe on Whisk which you can save for whenever you’re ready. Of course, getting fresh flying fish will be the hardest part. If you can’t find them, try it with sardines instead – it’s equally delicious when plated up with that rich creole sauce and mopped up with cou cou.

Check it out below.

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