Stacey on IoT

Nov 26, 2020

Podcast: Gifts galore and a recipe for smarter food prep

Devices are able to help users do more and ultimately enjoy cooking more…Part of what we think about is how do we help people be more successful when they’re cooking. That means burn things less often, remember all the correct items you need and software with control interfaces can really, really help that process.” – Nick Holzherr, Head of Whisk


Nov 25, 2020

What the Tech? The best cooking apps to help with your holiday meals

If you find recipes across the internet on Pinterest or websites, Whisk is a great app to clip and save them in one place using a browser plugin on a computer, and with the app on your phone, just share any recipe to Whisk. You’ll see it whenever you open the Whisk app or visit its website. It’ll also add the necessary ingredients from all those sites to a shopping list.


Nov 18, 2020

Whisk Way to the Grocery Store?

Using the technology, Whisk can tell users what ingredients are available at Kroger, including price and quantity, all within a mobile app. By pairing up with the platform, Kroger could drive more shoppers to stores or spur interest in its updated delivery capabilities. As Kroger recently revamped its own grocery delivery platform, working with Whisk could help it further plant roots in the online shopping industry.

Progressive Grocer

Oct 20, 2020

New Kroger Partnership is all about the Pandemic

Whisk maps the world’s food ingredients, their relationships, their nutrition, perishability, flavor and availability and matches them to the ingredients listed in recipes from any platform and available at local grocery stores. Grocers are able to produce data-enriched food content as well as personalize future interactions, tailoring outreach and content to shopper preferences and needs.

Food Navigator

Oct 19, 2020

How to leverage recipes to drive brand awareness, grocery sales on and offline

The Pandemic is reshaping consumers’ approach to cooking, their path to purchase and the product discovery process. Whisk’s new Recipe Content Management Platform can help brands and retailers maximize the impact of recipes to drive repeat customer engagement and loyalty without maxing out their budgets.

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