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Oct 19, 2020

Kroger Expands Interactive Recipe Services

As a result of this latest shoppable recipe integration, Kroger customers can turn any recipe from Whisk’s network of publishers, brands and apps into a smart shopping list and instantly purchase for pickup or delivery from any Kroger store banner.

Store Brands

Sep 30, 2020

Whisk Platform adds recipe-based product promotion tool

Whisk’s Food Genome platform tags recipes based on ingredients, measurements, quantities, instructions, meal type, dietary fit and cuisine — all done automatically and to be searchable for both SEO purposes as well as for content producers. This also powers Whisk’s advanced recommendation engine, which can take context and user preferences and produce personalized recipe recommendations.

The Spoon

Sep 29, 2020

Whisk Launches B2B Content Management Tool to Structure and Organize Recipe Data. Samsung subsidiary Whisk today announced the launch of its new artificial intelligence-powered recipe content management platform for CPG companies and retailers

In a nutshell, Whisk’s new tool allows companies to unify and organize recipe data that may be scattered across multiple platforms. For instance, a retailer could have recipes that exist in a website, as downloadable PDFs or even in spreadsheets. Whisk’s tool hoovers up all of that disparate data, gives it structure and unifies it so all the legacy recipes are unified into a new, single platform.

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