Helping Clients Build Healthy Habits with Whisk

Working to help your clients achieve their dietary goals can be extremely rewarding, but it’s not without its challenges. Why is it that even when you do everything right, some clients don’t follow through on the nutrition plans you set together?

While the reasons for not following through on nutrition plans are as unique and personal as each of your clients, many fitness and nutrition professionals have noticed some common trends. And that’s why they’re using Whisk to address one of the biggest obstacles their clients face: the friction and discomfort that accompany new eating habits.

What is Whisk?

Whisk is a free app that allows you to save any recipe on the internet to a digital recipe box with just one tap. From there, you can instantly see the recipe’s nutrition info, convert it into a shopping list, drag it into a meal plan, increase or decrease servings, swap out ingredients, and more. Cooking from recipes can feel like a lot of work—especially for people who aren’t used to doing it—but with Whisk, following a meal plan becomes as easy as building a playlist.

How do health and fitness professionals use Whisk?

A personal trainer creating custom meal plans

Chris Y., the owner of CY Fit in Pittsburg, provides his clients with personal training and health and fitness coaching. He used to build meal plans for each client by hand, which was extremely manual, time-consuming, and didn’t allow for his clients to do much customization.

Now with Whisk, he’s able to create his own private CY Fit recipe community where he can instantly upload or paste in all his recipes. Whisk immediately recognizes recipe ingredients and serving sizes and calculates their nutritional info. Chris has added all of his clients to his private community so that they’re able to browse and save his collection of recipes. From there, it just takes one tap to add recipes to a weekly meal plan, turn them into a shopping list, make changes to recipe ingredients to fit their needs, or share with friends and family.

“Whisk made it simple for my clients to prepare healthy and delicious recipes. When deciding how much food to meal prep for the family, a shopping list is automatically calculated to perfect quantities of food and ingredients. Whisk made nutrition coaching easy and saved everybody a lot of time!”

Chris Y., Owner of CY Fit

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A registered dietician sharing healthy recipes

Jodi, a registered dietician, and her husband who’s a doctor run a medical clinic and specialize in lifestyle medicine—treating patients through lifecycle changes. Taking a holistic approach, they aim to provide their clients with the tools they need to successfully develop healthy eating habits. Previously, Jodi and her husband would host cooking classes for their clients, but since the pandemic, they haven’t been able to do so. So, they set out to find an alternative way to continue sharing recipes with their clients and found Whisk.

With Whisk, they’re able to easily share healthy recipes with clients and provide them with resources to help them lose weight and eat healthier. Jodi and her husband use Whisk Communities as a way of sharing these recipes with clients. Instead of emailing them recipes, they share a link to their Whisk Community which they’ve filled with healthy recipes from sources they trust. In addition to their community, they leverage Whisk’s health score to verify the recipe is as healthy as they thought it was.

A fitness and nutrition team running their signature program

The team at Clean Cut Nutrition runs a 6-week program dedicated to helping clients balance work, life, nutrition, and fitness. As a part of their signature program, they provide members with access to original recipe content so they can learn to create their own tailored meal plans using the healthy recipes Clean Cut Nutrition provides.

Before Whisk, the team didn’t have a great way of saving and sharing their recipes with program members. They stored recipes in their drive but didn’t have a method for sharing these recipes. New members would receive paper copies of the recipes and grocery lists.

Now, using Whisk, they’ve been able to simplify the process of sharing recipes with their members. With recipe builder, they’re able to create and save their original recipes directly to Whisk, then share them with members through their Whisk communities. For each week of the program, the team has created a dedicated Whisk Community filled with recipes for the week which members are free to use for their weekly meal plans. This provides members with just enough structure and flexibility to eat healthy while learning how to create meal plans that work for them.

“We were looking for the right tool to share our recipes in small group communities that allowed them to save their favorite recipes and create shopping lists to make it easy to stay on track with our Clean Cut Nutrition program. The visual organization added an entire new level for our members.”

Lori S. and Caren B., Owners of Clean Cut Nutrition

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With Whisk, nutritionists and fitness professionals can provide their clients with an even better experience, and ultimately make it easier for them to develop and maintain healthier eating habits. Get started by creating your own private community for your clients and discover even more ways Whisk can help you and your business.